Oleyl amine polyoxyethylene ether CAS 13127-82-7

Oleyl-amine polyoxyethylene is a good emulsifier, dispersing agent, antistatic lubricant, and corrosion inhibitor. It has acid resistance, and it's not compatible with anionic detergents. Oleylamine polyoxyethylene-ether : The polyoxyethylene resin has a number of advantages, including good heat resistance. It is also compatible with resins and soluble with benzene. Is a reliable global Oleyl-amine polyoxyethylene-ether supplier. Please send us an inquiry to receive the latest. Priority


Oleyl amine polyoxyethylene ether; N-Polyoxyethylated-N-oleylamine CAS 13127-82-7(n=2)

Oleyl-amine polyoxyethylene-ether is heat resistant and compatible with resin. Oleylamine polyoxyethylene-ether: It is suitable for resins and heat resistant. It can dissolve in benzene. carbon tetrachloride. acetone and other polar solvants. Its activity increases as the EO number increases. It is a global trusted brand Oleyl amine polyoxyethylene ether . Send an inquiry for the latest. Prices of Oleyl amine polyoxyethylene ether. Oleyl amine Polyoxyethylene Ether is available for


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