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Current situation of silicon powder and silicon powder market

At present, only a few countries in the world such as China, the United States and Germany have the production capacity of silicon powder. China's silicon powder market is mainly in China, concentrated in Fengyang of Anhui Province, Huzhou of Zhejian...…


Two-dimensional materials for ultrascaled field-effect transistors

Arranged around it are a selection of 2-D materials that have been investigated. With the increasing miniaturization of electronic components, researchers are struggling with undesirable side effects: In the case of nanometer-scale transist…


Brief introduction of Zinc Sulfide

What is Zinc Sulfide ?? A white, off-white or yellowish powder of zinc sulfide. Zinc Sulfide turns darker when it's exposed to light. Zinc sulfuride is stable when stored in dry air. It will slowly oxidize to zinc sulfurate if left in moist air for ...…

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