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About Tantalum carbide

Tantalum carbide is a light brown metallic cubic crystalline powder, belonging to the sodium chloride type cubic crystal system. Currently, tantalum carbide TaC carbide sintered are also used as grain growth inhibitors, grain growth inhibiti


What is Silica Aerogel

What is Silica Aerogel? A silica aerogel is a type of porous material. They are produced by replacing liquids by gas inside the form of a gel. The results are a liquid with very low density and thermal conductivity. There are a number of uses. For instance, an airgel is an effective thermal conductor. Silica-based aerogels The process of making aerogels usually involves freezing the precursor substance, then allowing it form a crystalline. The liquid component freezes to form a variety of morpho


The application and features of Graphite

Ever since the time we learnt to write as children, our pencils have been used for writing and sketching. You may have wondered what the lead portion or the silvery black tip is made of when a pencil is rolled in wooden. It's none other than graphite This semi-metal, which is also used in pencils, is essential in almost all products and in industrial use. Graphite, a submetal, is derived from metamorphosed carbon rock. It comes from these rocks in a flaky state. It is one the softest metals,

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