The Future of High-performance Lithium Batteries Is Approaching

Scientists have always wanted to expand the storage capacity of lithium-ion batteries, but now researchers have found another alternative material with good efficiency: phosphorus.…


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Scientists Reveal New Synthesis Mechanism Of Hexagonal Boron Nitride

With the advantages of atomic level flat surface, no dangling bonds, high thermal conductivity and good physical and chemical stability, h-BN has become a potential dielectric substrate and packaging material for two-dimensional crystal devi…


The Process of Amazon FBA Shipping by Sea

The process of Amazon FBA shipping by sea is a complex one and it's important to get everything right. From the initial sourcing and preparation of your products to the scheduling and delivery of your items to Amazon, there are many things you'll nee...…


Molecular Sieve for VOCs

Our latest product, the molecular sieve to remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs), is our newest development. It is both organophilic as well as hydrophobic making it suitable for the separation and adsorption of VOCs from industry. About Molecul...…

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