The Future of High-performance Lithium Batteries Is Approaching

Scientists have always wanted to expand the storage capacity of lithium-ion batteries, but now researchers have found another alternative material with good efficiency: phosphorus.


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The patchwork ceiling, the new frontier for WeChat, and the direction of alibaba's counterattack

Pinduoduo has a market cap of more than $100 billion and is now worth around $109 billion, but the hardest climb for it is likely to begin now.


Experimental procedure of vanadium hydride

Vanadium, V–5Cr, and V–5Ti alloys were prepared from 99.9% pure vanadium by arc melting in an argon atmosphere. The nuggets were cold-rolled and punched into tensile specimens for in situ straining experiment with a gauge size of 2×7 mm2 and 0.1 mm in thickness. The samples were evacuated in a quartz tube and annealed in a vacuum at 1000 °C for one h. Hydrogen was doped into the samples in a high-pressure oven at 450 °C with 0.5 and 0.8 MPa hydrogen pressures. The first visible evidence of the e


Innovative Plasma Chip: Electronic and Photonic Components Are Integrated on the Same Chip

Researchers at eth Zurich have developed an ultra-fast chip that, for the first time, combines electronic and photonic elements on the same chip to speed up data transmission in a fibre-optic network.

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