Small: a new way to prepare DNA origami nano patterns with preset pixels

DNA origami is a technology to fold a long str (skeleton str) by hundreds of short strs (stapling str) to prepare DNA nanostructures with arbitrary shape. From the structure point of view a DNA origami is like a dot matrix with hundreds of


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MoS2 based photodetectors have been designed and developed using different electrode materials

What is Molybdenum Disulfide?The Molybdenum Disulfide of hydrogen by catalytic water splitting is important for many industries, including renewable energy petroleum refining and producing methanol and ammonia in the chemical industry. Within the renewable energy field, hydrogen is an attractive candidate for storing energy produced by intermittent renewable energy sources such as solar and wind. Hydrogen is an important chemical feedstock for refining petroleum to produce methanol and ammonia.


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Cadmium sulfide: Overview CdS is for cadmium-sulfide. It's an inorganic compound. The a form is made from lemon-yellow powder; the b is made of orange-red, powdery crystals. , Glass glaze, enamel, luminescent materials, pigments. What's the purpose of cadmium-sulfide? 1. For coloring enamel, paints, plastics, ceramics and glass with cadmium yellow, it is used extensively. 2. This material is widely used in the plastic, paint and electronics industries. 3. It can be used to color almo


Foaming agent PB-Lux super overview

The PB-Lux Super foaming concentrate is supplied as a liquid with stabilizing and functional additives. It is used as a foaming agent in manufacturing foam concrete, polystyrene concrete, and other lightweight concretes. This synthetic foaming agent has excellent performance, allowing you to get high profits at a low cost. This foam concentrate is distinguished by ease of use, excellent compatibility with all kinds of additives used to improve the qualities of lightweight concrete produced, univ

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