Polymorphism of SiO2

Alpha quartz is the most stable form of solid SiO2 at room temperature. The high-temperature minerals cristobalite and tridymite have lower densities and refraction indices than quartz. The transformation from α-quartz to beta-quartz takes place abru...…


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Nano diamond and its characteristics

Nano diamond and its characteristics…


 New matchable conductive ceramic material Ti3AlC2

What's the purpose of Ti3AlC2 and how does it work? Ti3AlC2 Has a high degree of oxidation resistance and self-lubrication. It also has excellent room temperature fracture toughness, conductive properties, as well as high levels of self-lubricati...…


Research Details "Triplet Superconductivity" Phenomenon in Diamond

Diamonds have a firm foothold in our lexicon. Their many properties often serve as superlatives for quality, clarity and hardiness. Aside from the popularity of this rare material in ornamental and decorative use, these precious stones are…

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