Potassium ricinoleate CAS 8013-05-6, 40%

Potassium Ricinoleate exhibits good lubricity and dispersibility.Solid Content: 40% Potassium ricinoleate is a potassium salt. Potassium Ricinoleate exhibits good lubricity and dispersibility. It is a global trusted brand Potassium ricinoleate...…


What is potassium oleate of natural soap ingredient? How does it effectively kill bacteria?

What is potassium Oleate? Potassium oil, also known as Potassium cis-9 octadecenoate. C18H33KO2 is its chemical formula. Potassium oleate can be either a brown solid or transparent amber fluid. It is the fatty acids potassium found in natural soaps...…


High Purity Potassium Oleate CAS 143-18-0

is a reliable supplier for high purity Potassium Oleate CAS 143-18-0.…


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