Powdered Instant Sodium Silicate CAS 1344-09-8 Sodium Silicate Powder

is a reliable supplier for high purity Powdered Instant Sodium Silicate CAS 1344-09-8 Sodium Silicate Powder.


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The solid fuel-rich propellant based on B@GAP, which was prepared using the solvent–nonsolvent method, also shows the advantage of reduced slurry viscosity during propellant blending and casting. Moreover, the ignition/combustion time of B@GAP powder was also measured, revealing that the ignition delay times for raw boron and coated B@GAP were 16.2 ms and 7.6 ms, respectively. In another study, Shin prepared core–shell-structured B@GAP particles through the solvent–nonsolvent method using N, N-D

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