What is Prestressed Concrete

Prestressed Concrete is a kind of concrete component mainly used in construction engineering and bridge engineering.


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Experimental Procedure of ZrB2

Commercially available ZrB2 powder (Dandong Chemical Co. Ltd., Dandong, China, the average particle size was 2.5 μm, multilateral shape.


Graphite Properties, Applications and Optical features. |

Like diamonds in appearance, graphite is made of natural carbon atoms arranged hexagonally with an opaque dark red to black color. It is found as hexagonal crystalline, flexible sheets or large blocks. It can appear earthy, granular or compact. Graphite can be formed through the metamorphism or carbonaceous deposits, and by reacting carbon compounds with hydrothermal liquids. It occurs naturally in this state and is the stablest form of carbon when under normal conditions. Diamonds can be formed


Geologic Importance of graphite

What is Graphite?Well-formed crystals of Graphite are quite rare in nature, and most Graphite occurs in its massive form. It is a metallic mineral, black to dark gray, with a distinctive greasy feeling. This greasy nature reflects its internal crystal structure and many mineral properties. Graphite's extreme softness, greasy feel, low specific gravity, and the ease with which it leaves dark gray to black marks on paper usually distinguish it from similar-looking metallic minerals. Its name comes

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