What is Prestressed Concrete

Prestressed Concrete is a kind of concrete component mainly used in construction engineering and bridge engineering.…


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OEP-70 Sodium 2-Ethylhexanol Ethoxylate Phosphate

This product is porous and resistant to acid, high temperature, and oxidant. About OEP70 Sodium 2-Ethylhexanol Ethoxylate Phosphate OEP-70, Sodium 2-Ethylhexanol Ethoxylate Phosphate, has the characteristics rich and fine foam, low degreasing pote...…


What is Artificial graphite ?

It can be regarded as a multi-phase material, including graphite phase transformed from carbonaceous particles such as petroleum coke or pitch coke, graphite phase transformed from coal tar binder surrounding the particles, particle accumulation or c…


Black solid powder boron powder

What is boron powder?Boron powder is a solid black powder. It has a melting point of 2360℃, a boiling point of about 2700℃, a specific gravity of 2.4, and a Mohs hardness of 9.3. It was heated in the air to 900℃ combustion, at 850℃ with molten sodium...…

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