Propelo raised $12 million in Series A funding

The number of DevOps tools has grown exponentially over the past few years, and the amount of data these tools can generate helps organizations improve their software development processes.But most of the time, this data is just a piecemeal…


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How to avoid deformation and cracking of foamed concrete materials

Foam concrete is prone to cracking during maintenance, mainly caused by unscientific construction and maintenance of the proportioning. Luchuang has a series of solutions. In the years of construction, Luchuang has accurate material proportions for d…


Graphene Will Bring New Development Opportunities for Global Energy Storage

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Microsoft Teams launching VR and AR next year

Theres no Zoom for VR yet, although many companies are targeting this goal.The mainstream work tools that most people use have yet to leap.But Microsoft is finally pushing Teams toward a VR/ AR bridge tool, which will be available in beta i…

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