Usher in A New Layout, Quantum Chips Are Stronger Than Carbon-based Chips

The power consumption of the quantum chip is very low during use, and it can be driven almost without much current, which ushered in a major breakthrough in research and development.…


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Tea saponin foaming agent for cement foaming agent

The foaming agent was extracted from tea saponin, a camellia seed extract. Tea saponin is a natural nonionic surfactant extracted from the fruit of the Camellia genus. Japan first isolated tea saponin crystals from tea seeds in 1931 and obtained them...…


Jeweler's rouge iron oxide

What is iron oxide?Iron oxide is an inorganic compound with the chemical formula Fe2O3. It is one of the three principal oxides of iron, the other two being the less common ferrous oxide (FeO); And ferric oxide (Fe3O4), which also occurs naturally as...…


The impact of calcium stearate on characteristics of concrete

Moisture and aggressive ions transferring into concrete harm the durability of reinforced concrete structures. To tackle this problem, damp-proofing admixtures, like calcium stearate, can be incorporated into the concrete mixture design to restrict w...…

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