Near Absolute Zero, Thermodynamic Fluctuations Disappear And Quantum Fluctuations Are Discovered

In quantum mechanics, quantum fluctuations are temporary changes in energy at any position in space.…


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Xiaomi's Series 12 phones are among the first to use the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip

Xiaomi has unveiled its latest flagship smartphone and wearable device. The Mi 12 series is currently only available in China and comes in two models: the Mi 12 and the Mi 12 Pro. Both phones are the first to use Qualcomms Snapdragon 8-gen 1…


Synthesis of Fe3O4 powder by a novel arc discharge method

Magnetite Fe3O4 ultrafine powder, a magnetic material, was synthesized by a novel arc discharge method of metallic iron filaments in NaCl electrolyte. The size and shape of the products were influenced by the voltage between the two metallic iron fil...…


Structural Information of Calcium hexaboride

What is Calcium hexaboride?Calcium hexaboride (CaB6) is a compound of calcium and boron in which the coordination number of the calcium is 18. Calcium hexaboride is also referred to as calcium boride. It is an important material due to its large elec...…

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