Quartz crucibles used in Czochralski technology

For quartz crucibles used in Czochralski technology, a 3 nm thick inner layer of quartz crucible is fabricated by fusing and coating synthetic quartz powder instantaneously on the inner surface of a quartz crucible formed of natural quartz through th...…


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Is quartz a luxury

Quartz countertops are luxury options. They typically cost more than natural stone countertops. However, the cost of alternatives such as granite or marble varies widely depending on their rarity, the distance it travels from the quarry, and their qu...…


Does boron increase collagen

In vitro studies with cultures of osteoblastic cells (MC3T3-E1), it was also demonstrated that Boron is beneficial for maintaining bone formation by stimulating bone mineralization and increasing mRNA levels related to bone growth as type I collagen ...…


The Properties and Main Application Fields of Microsilica |

What's micro silica fume? Micro-silica Fume is also known as condensed silica smoke or silica fume. Many volatile SiO2 or Si gases can be produced when ferroalloys (metal silicon) are used in ferrosilicon and metal silicon smelting. Rapid oxidat...…

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