Introduction to the Basics of Raman Spectra

Raman spectroscopy is a method of molecular structure detection, which has the advantages of non-destructive, convenient, fast and high stability, and is currently widely used.…


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Have you heard of zirconium nitride?

The chemical formula of zirconium nitride is ZrN. Zirconium nitride has excellent corrosion resistance, high hardness, good lubricity, and ductility.…


Molybdenum disulfide production

Molybdenum disulfide production methods include natural, direct synthesis, ammonium tetrathiomolybdate thermal decomposition, and hydrogen sulfide or sulfur steam reduction methods. Among them, the natural method that molybdenite concentrate purifica...…


Reasons for Spheroidization of Spherical Quartz Powder | Mis-asia

What's a sphere of spherical Quartz Powder? Spherical Quartz Powder, also known by spherical Silica Powder, refers to an Amorphous Quartz powder material that is spherical-shaped and contains silicon dioxide as its main component. Spherical qua...…

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