Effect of Rare Earths on Alumina Ceramics

From April the French government will reduce fuel taxes slightly to ease the burden on consumers. Warned of possible energy shortages in France by the end of the year and called on the French to conserve electricity and gas from now on, saying that i…


Microbes can mine rare earth elements in space

In the mining industry, the work of eating microorganisms is very heavy. They extracted metals such as copper and gold from the earth. They can also extract rare earth elements, such as lanthanides, scanning elements, and yttrium, which are…


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Bearing life study: internal and external factors of double-row cylindrical roller bearing service life

WSBC believes that according to the latest rolling bearing fatigue life theory, a bearing with excellent design, excellent materials, superior manufacturing, and correct installation, as long as the load it bears is easy enough (not higher…


What are the best metals for thermoelectric generator

Three materials are commonly used for thermoelectric generators. These materials are bismuth (Bi2Te3) telluride, lead telluride (PbTe) and Silicon germanium (SiGe). Properly utilizing TEG can become a potentially sustainable and renewable energy reso...…


Application step of cement foaming agent

The the concentration of cement foaming agent is generally high, so it needs to be diluted with a certain proportion of water to form a foaming liquid. Then the foaming liquid is made into foam. Pour water and foaming agents into a water tank to full...…

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