The Rise of Compound Semiconductor Materials

A compound formed by two or more elements in a definite atomic ratio, and having a definite band gap and energy band structure, is called compound semiconductor material.…


Key Technology of Graphene reduces the network delay by 1000 times

Semiconductors welcome a breakthrough! The Chinese Academy of Sciences overcomes the key technology of graphene and reduces the network delay by 1000 times…


Small structures: structure design, synthesis and application of two dimensional covalent organic framework semiconductor materials

organic semiconductor materials are a kind of organic compounds or polymers with semiconductor properties. The conductive effect of these materials will change significantly with different illumination heating doping materials. In addition…


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What is Nitinol Alloy and Application

Nitinol contains 50% nickel and 50% titanium, that is, the components of nickel and titanium are equally divided, each accounting for half.…


Tianjin University laboratory proposes the design of the stable, high-energy zinc-manganese battery

Although lithium-ion batteries are currently one of the most widely used rechargeable energy storage systems, they contain volatile organic electrolytes, which significantly reduces their safety.The most promising alternatives to lithium…


Silicon Aluminum Alloy Si-Al Powder

Item No.: Tr-Si-Al High-silicon aluminum alloy is a binary alloy composed of silicon and aluminum. It is an alloy material mainly used in aerospace, space technology and portable electronic devices.…

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