The Application Range Of Sheet Metal Fabrication

The Application Range Of Sheet Metal Fabrication…


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Role of Copper Oxides in Contact Killing of Bacteria

The potential of metallic copper as an intrinsically antibacterial material is gaining increasing attention in the face of the growing antibiotic resistance of bacteria. However, the mechanism of the so-called "contact killing" of bacteria by copper ...…


Foaming agents in their study produced lightweight geopolymers

Hardjito et al. stated that the F class of fly ash as the starting material was suitable for a geopolymer synthesis. Still, in this research, the fly ash used was classified as class C with a high content of CaO (more than 8% weightage). Several stud...…


ntrodIuction to Silicon Dioxide

The chemical formula of silicon dioxide is SiO2. Silicon dioxide has two forms, crystalline and amorphous. Silica, such as quartz and quartz sand that exist in nature are collectively referred to as silica. Pure quartz is a colorless crystal, large a...…

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