High Purity Silicon Aluminum Alloy Si-Al Powder

High-silicon Aluminum Alloy is a binary alloy composed of silicon, aluminum and other elements. It is a material alloy that is used primarily in space technology, portable electronics and aerospace. About Silicon-Aluminum Alloy Si Al Powder The high-silicon-aluminum alloy powder is an alloy binary composed of silicon-based and aluminum-based metals and is used as a thermal management material. High-silicon aluminum material is able to maintain excellent performance and has a high content of alu


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Synthesis and characterization of nanosized Ti3AlC2

A simple method was reported to synthesize high-content ternary carbide Ti3AlC2 nanoparticles from Ti, Al, and C starting elemental powders without ball milling in NaCl‒KCl molten salt. The effects of the mass ratio of the salt to starting materials, temperature, reaction time, and Al molar ratio on the preparation of Ti3AlC2 were investigated. The Ti3AlC2 formation is dramatically influenced by the temperature and mass ratio of the salt to raw materials: a higher temperature and higher mass rat


Types of natural graphite

The technological properties and uses of graphite mainly depend on its degree of crystallization. Natural Graphite can be divided into crystalline (flake graphite) and cryptocrystalline (earth-like Graphite), two industrial types according to crystal morphology. Crystalline Graphite: In crystalline (flake) graphite ore, the diameter of the graphite crystal is more significant than 1μm in the form of flake; The ore grade is low, but the selectivity is good. The minerals associated with Graphite a


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Molybdenum disulfide is a compound composed of two elements, molybdenum, and sulfur, with the chemical formula MoS2. The compound belongs to the transition-metal disulfide group, which has a silver-black sheen and occurs in nature as molybdenite, the most common molybdenite ore. Molybdenum disulfide crystals are usually found in powder form; they are insoluble in dilute acids and do not readily oxidize. Molybdenum disulfide is similar to graphite in appearance and is often used as a solid lubric

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