Apple AirTags can also be tracked on Android phones

Since Apple launched AirTags earlier this year, tracking devices have become more and more popular. They are similar to Tile trackers, with a simple premise-you can easily link them to your Apple account, and it will use Apples Find My netw…


Huawei is working on a new plan to circumvent US sanctions

Since the Trump administration cracked down on Huawei, initially banning the company from selling products in the United States and eventually from working with any American companies, the Chinese conglomerate has been effectively banned fr…


Apple Watch Series 7 officially abandoned the hidden diagnostic port

Since the launch of the first Apple Watch, its diagnostic porthas always been a mysterious part of the wearable device series, but the new 7 series has officially abandoned the 6-pin port completely. MacRumors first noticed that when you rem…


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The manufacturing process and application of amorphous graphite powder

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China and the EU compete for the world leader in hydrogen energy

The most important obstacle to the energy transition is that the cost of clean technology is too high. When the cost of clean energy drops, the world will pay attention.…

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