Single-layer graphene – Properties and Applications |

What is Single-layer Graphene? Single-layer graphene consists of a single layer made of carbon atoms. The sp2 covalent link between each carbon atom makes single-layer graphene the stiffest and thinnest material in the universe (its fracture strength is around 200 times that steel). It is nearly transparent and absorbs 2.3% light. It has a thermal conductivity as high as 5300 W/m. K is greater than diamond and carbon nanotubes; its resistivity is only 0.96x10-6, which is lower than silve


The Naming Method of Graphene

Graphene Graphene a material where carbon atoms have been tightly packed within a two-dimensional, single-layer honeycomb lattice structure. Graphene exhibits excellent optical, mechanical, and electrical properties. This material has great potential for applications in materials science, micronano processing and energy as well as drug delivery and biomedicine. It's a promising material for the future. To regulate the growth of the graphene industry, it is important to have a better grasp of wh


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