Sodium 4-methylbenzenesulfonate CAS 657-84-1

White powder that is readily soluble in alcohol, water and ether. However, it is not easily soluble when using benzene. About Sodium 4-methylbenzenesulfonate: Sodium 4-methylbenzenesulfonate has the characteristics of rich and fine foam, low degr...…


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The water to cement ratio of FC with the density

The effect of the chosen factors, such as the water-to-cement ratio of FC with a density of 400–800 kg/m3, the water content of FC with a density of 300–800 kg/m3, different filler types of FC with a density of 1200–1600 kg/m3, fiber content, curing ...…


A Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose Based Graft Copolymer with Excellent Thermothickening

Thermothickening polymers are a novel material developed for enhanced oil recovery applications in high-temperature and high-salinity oil reservoirs. However, the existing synthesis process of thermoviscosifying polymers is complex and expensive, lim...…


Common Sense of Nano Silica powder

Nano-Si has high surface permeability as well as high quality. It is also non-toxic , and has great surface area.…

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