Sodium Cocoyl Glycinate CAS 90387-74-9 Properties

It is made from coconut oil and glycine. Main surfactant dosage: 10-50%. Auxiliary surfactant dosage: 2-10%. About Sodium Cocoyl Glycinate CAS 90387-74-9 It is a foaming agent that performs well in alkaline and neutral environments. The foam produced by this product is elastic and smooth. It has a similar watery feeling to soap base, and can be added to soap base formulations. It can maintain rich foam in hard water. Good thickening effects, suitable for pure facial cleanser based on amino ac


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Production status of fumed silica at home and abroad

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Octyl decyl acid amido propyl betaine

ODAB-35 offers excellent compatibility with anionic, cationic and amphoteric surfactants. About Octyl decyl acid amido propyl betaine: ODAB-35 can be used with a variety of surfactants: amphoteric surfactants as well as anionic and cationic. The foam is rich and exquisite, it is stable and has excellent solubilization, penetrating, conditioning, and antistatic properties. Product Performance of Octyl decyl acid amido propyl betaine: is a trusted global Octyl decyl acid amido propyl be

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