Sodium thiosulfate pentahydrate is an inorganic substance with the chemical formula of Na2S2O3·5H2O.


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Semi-branched C12-13 Alcohol Ether Sulphate, 70%

Semi-branched C12-13 alcohol ether sulphate is an anionic high-performance surfactant. It has excellent decontamination and dispersion properties, as well as emulsification performance, foaming ability, and resistance to hard water.Solid Content: 70% About Semi-branched Alcohol Ether Sulphate C12-13: Semi-branched alcohol ether sulphate (C11-13) is a highly-performance anionic detergent with excellent decontamination performance, dispersion and emulsification. It is a global trusted brand


Boron Nitride Powder – Property and Preparation |

Boron nitride It is composed of nitrogen atoms as well as boron. Powder has a white color. With four variants of boron, 43.6% and 56.4% respectively (HBN, RBN, CBN), HBN and WBN), the chemical composition of powder is 43.6% and 56.4% respectively. Which property does boron powder have? Boron Nitride powder resists chemical corrosion. It is also resistant to acid and water. In hot concentrated alkali, the boron/nitrogen bond can be broken. The air temperature above 1200oC causes Boron Ni


Why silicon boride is resistant to chemical attack

What's silicon Boride? Silicon Boride It is a black crystal with a molecularweight of 92.95. It's a black crystal, with a relative density of 2.47. It is between ruby and diamond in hardness. It is able to conduct electricity and insoluble in water. The surface of the substance can be made oxidisable by heating it in water vapor or chlorine. The boiling of nitric acid can directly cause it to be oxidized. In molten potassium hydroxyide, it remains the same. It can be broken down by hot conce

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