X-ray Imaging Reveals Fracture of Solid-state Battery

A solid-state battery is a battery that uses solid electrodes and solid electrolyte. Because of the relatively high power and weight of solid-state batteries, it is an ideal battery for electric vehicles.…


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The first Windows 11 patch released Tuesday made AMD CPUs run slower than the release version

One thorny issue: With Intels Alder Lake down in the coming weeks, Microsoft may have spent too much time optimizing Windows 11s hybrid CPU architecture, which combines the core of performance and efficiency. This results in AMD CPUs being p…


Is molybdenum carbide a Mxene?

What's molybdenum caride? Molybdenum carbonide exhibits a high melting temperature and hardness. It is also very resistant to heat and corrosion. Molybdenum (silver-white refractory) metal has a melting point at 2615, and a density 102g/cm3. The M...…


When less is more: A single layer of atoms boosts the nonlinear generation of light

Artistic image of the light generation using a heterostructure of graphene and metal nanostructures. This heterostructure allows for a giant enhancement of a nonlinear optical process that changes the properties of light, such as its freque…

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