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Production overview of cement foaming agents

The application of cement foaming agents in China has a history of over 50 years. In the early 1950s, China developed rosin soap and homopolymer, two foaming agents, and used them in mortar and foam concrete. These two foaming agents have been widely...…


Advantages and disadvantages of plant cement foaming agents

The plant-based cement foaming agent uses imported high-quality natural plant polymer materials as raw materials and is generated through complex chemical reactions. The product is a pure and transparent oil-like liquid with a light yellow colour. No...…


Polyglycol laurate CAS 141-20-8

It is a clear to pale yellow liquid that can be pasted or solidified. Polyglycol laurate is a polyglycol. In strong acid, strong base, easy hydrolysis.Stimulation.Irritation to skin and eyes. Possible hazards to the environment and special attent...…

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