The Bull’s Eye: New Modified Stem Cells Can Deliver Drugs Specifically to Tumor Cells

Scientists modified "mesenchymal stem cells" to carry anti-cancer drugs and deliver them to target cancers.Targeting drugs to cancer tissues is a major challenge in cancer treatment. Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are known for their abilit…


Specific applications of aluminum nitride ceramics

Specific applications of aluminum nitride ceramics…


Advanced functional materials: "solid solid" heterogeneous interface induces pseudo capacitance to realize high volume specific capacity sodium storage

is an effective way to realize the sustainable development of energy supply provide new power for social development technological change in the information age. Since the commercialization of lithium-ion batteries in the early 1990s electr…


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What are the advantages of aerogel felt? How to apply?

Aerogel felt is flexible thermal insulation felt made of nano-silica or metal aerogel as the main material, combined with carbon fiber or ceramic glass fiber wool or pre-oxidized fiber felt through a special process.…


What are the Hollow glass microspheres

What is quartz-silica dust? Quartz Silica Powder (QSP) is an organic silica with incredibly high purity. It's almost 99.7% SiO2 and is it's snow-white color. Silica is used to make glass, paint, computers, and other products. It is highly resistant ...…


Usher in A New Layout, Quantum Chips Are Stronger Than Carbon-based Chips

The power consumption of the quantum chip is very low during use, and it can be driven almost without much current, which ushered in a major breakthrough in research and development.…

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