Learn more about Spherical silica powder

Spherical silica powder is also known as spherical silicon dioxide, spherical silicon powder, etc. in the industry.


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Description and Identifying Characteristics of Graphite

Graphite's extreme softness, greasy feel, low specific gravity, and the ease with which it leaves dark grey to black marks on paper usually distinguish it from similar-looking metallic minerals. Its name comes from the Greek word 'graphein' ('to write'), a reflection of centuries of use in writing and drawing. Graphite is produced by metamorphosing organic material originally deposited as sediment or mixed with sediment. As organic material is metamorphosed, hydrogen and oxygen are driven off as


Nano-diamond has an excellent effect when added to lubricating oil

A surface treatment method for nano diamond particles added in lubricating oil includes the following steps in turn


What is Nitinol

As Nitinol emerges to find more and more applications in medical devices and commercial and industrial markets, understanding the effects of material processing becomes increasingly important. More so than other materials, the properties of Nitinol are significantly affected by its fabrication processes. There are abundant amounts of processing data available in the industry. However, they are often kept proprietary and not released publicly. This paper reviews available publications on Nitinol

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