3D Printing Alloy Spherical Niobium Powder

Russia and Ukraine is an important exporters of oil, natural gas, metals, fertilizers, rare gases and other industrial raw materials. Affected by the further intensification of the tension of the war, the global market has become more worried about t


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Sodium 4-methylbenzenesulfonate CAS 657-84-1

White powder that is readily soluble in alcohol, water and ether. However, it is not easily soluble when using benzene. About Sodium 4-methylbenzenesulfonate: Sodium 4-methylbenzenesulfonate has the characteristics of rich and fine foam, low degreasing power, low irritation to skin and hair, and good biodegradability. It is a global trusted brand Sodium 4-methylbenzenesulfonate . Send an inquiry for the latest. Prices of Sodium 4-methylbenzenesulfonate if you would like to buy Sodi


French surge in infections, price of tellurium oxide challenging to maintain

With the development of the epidemic, international logistics has been significantly affected, which may cause the prices of various raw materials to rise. The import and export trade will be affected considerably. As France is an essential


Silicon nitride transfers heat, it is possible to rewrite physics textbooks

Heat is difficult to be transferred in a vacuum environment. This is a fundamental concept in classic physics and the knowledge learned in high school physics textbooks. But the latest research from the University of California Berkeley rese

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