High Purity Spherical quartz powder Spherical SiO2,99.9%

Argentina's Rosario Grain Exchange recently reported that wheat Spherical SiO2 powder are expected to continue to be influenced by international situations. About Spherical quartz powder Spherical SiO2:Spherical quartz powder has excellen…


What is Spherical Quartz SiO2 Powder?

The roble had hit a record low after the West imposed sweeping sanctions on Russia for its aggression in Ukraine. Russia's president recently ordered exports of Russian gas to "unfriendly" countries to be settled in robles. The speaker of Russia's up…


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What is foaming agent?The foaming agent is an indispensable component in the preparation of foam concrete by using prefabricated foams. This study used four types of foaming agents to prepare foam concrete. Effect of the foaming agent on the properti...…

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