The Main Application of Nano Spherical Silicon Powder

What is spherical silicon powder? Also known as spherical silicic acid, spherical silicic powder, and so on. The industry. Spherical silica is a white powder of high purity with excellent particles and good dielectric and thermal properties. It h...…


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Vapor silica effectively facilitates the flow

What is vaporous silica?Vapour silica is one of the most essential high-tech ultrafine inorganic new materials, with porous, non-toxic, tasteless and pollution-free, the average primary particle size of about 7-40 nano, specific surface area of 50 ~ ...…


The chemical properties of amorphous boron are more active than those of crystalline boron

What's amorphous, boron powder? Amorphous Boron's chemical properties are much more active than that of crystallized boron. The hardness of crystalline boron means that it can often be used in place of diamonds to cut tools and drill bits. To increa...…


Boron steel and Boriding

Boron is added to boron steels at a few parts per million to increase hardenability. Due to Boron's neutron absorption ability, higher percentages are added to steels used in the nuclear industry. Boron can also increase the surface hardness of steel...…

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