Melting of Nitinol

What is Nitinol?As Nitinol emerges to find more and more applications in medical devices and commercial and industrial markets, understanding the effects of material processing becomes increasingly important. More so than other materials, the propert...…


The various properties of Nitinol make it widely used in biomedicine

Studies have shown that the corrosion resistance of nickel-titanium wire is similar to that of stainless steel wire.…


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High Purity Stannic Sulfide SnS2 Powder CAS 1314-95-0, 99.99%

Tin disulfide, also known as SnS2, is a compound that belongs to the inorganic group. The yellow hexagonal flake has a CdI2 crystalline structure. It is barely soluble. Purity: 99.99%Particle size: 100mesh Stannic Sulfide SnS2: Tin disulfide I...…


A comparative hardness study of AlB2

What is aluminum boride?The structure of aluminum boride is similar to that of intermetallic compounds, and its structure mainly depends on the crystal structure of aluminum metal and boron rather than their valence relationship. Aluminum borides are...…


Films of Bi2S3

Semiconducting bismuth sulfide thin films have received considerable attention in recent years because of their applications in various areas of science and technology. Among the different deposition techniques for thin films of Bi2S3, chemical bath ...…

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