Anti-icing Application of Superhydrophobic Materials in Power Systems

For nearly half a century, researchers around the world have conducted a large number of research experiments on the anti-icing problem of power systems, and proposed that it can be improved by super-hydrophobic coatings.…


Superhydrophobic materials come out! Both superhydrophobicity and mechanical stability will be widely used in the future

Inspired by the above natural phenomena, people gradually grasp the secret of the material's hydrophobicity-it has excellent repulsion to water, water droplets keep a spherical shape on its surface, and it is easy to roll. The water droplets…


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Ethylene bis ceramide is a beautiful white particle. Ethylene bisstearic acid amide emulsion industrial product melting point is 140~146.5 °C, density is 0.98g/cm3 (25 °C), non-toxic, insoluble in water, stable to acid, alkali and water medium, but p…


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The European Union is seeking to boost energy cooperation with African countries to help wean them off dependence on Russian gas imports.Bloomberg said, recently, according to a draft EU file, African countries, especially in western Africa Nigeria,…


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