Researchers Demonstrate Viability of Eco-Friendly Supercapacitors

The main disadvantages of present-day lithium-ion battery technology include limited safety, recyclability, and sustainability, coupled with limited availability of starting materials (for example, cobalt). Harald Fitzek, Christian Prehal,…


New electrode configuration improves volumetric performance of supercapacitors

The new design with alternately stacked electrode configurations helps to enhance the volume performance of supercapacitors and achieve high energy density without sacrificing power performance.…


Diamond: Paving the Way for a New Generation of Energy Storage Devices

Using conductive nano-diamond as electrode material in water-based batteries can significantly improve the energy storage capacity of batteries.…


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Google is preparing everyone for the future of smart home devices

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Review On Aluminum Nitride Properties And AlN Ceramic

The aluminum nitride powder produced by Nanotrun has high purity, small  particle size, uniform distribution, large specific surface area, high surface  activity, low bulk density, excellent dispersibility, and injection molding  properties and can b...…

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