TEA Cocoyl Alaninate

The basic properties include emulsification and washing, as well a dispersion, foaming and penetration. It also has low irritation and softness. About TEA Cocoyl Aninate The product has many properties. These include low irritation, softness (whic...…


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Experimental procedure of ATO

All chemical reagents used to prepare Sn.918Sb.109O2 were of AR grade. In the typical synthesis, 5-10 ml of hydrochloric acid was added in double distilled water. At the moment, SnCl2. 2H2O and SbCl3 in molar ratio 1:4 was mixed to above solution. Fu...…


Microsoft's Cortana is expected to be called Bingo

According to Big Bets Newsletter, Steve Ballmer hopes that Microsofts Cortana AI will be named Bingo so that it will be more like the Microsoft brand. This is the statement of former Microsoft product manager Sandip Paluchuri, who told writ…


Boron Nitride Powders for High Thermal Conductivity Insulation Resin Sheets

In recent years, demand for power modules used in industrial and automotive inverters has been extremely high in applying hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) and electric vehicles (EV). Although ceramic-type insulated heat dissipation substrates had been ...…

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