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TROX-300 Series Molecular Sieve

TROX-300 Series Molecular Sieve has extremly exceptional performance at low stress.Concerning TROX-300 Series Molecular Screen:Technical Criterion of TROX-300 Series Molecular Filter:< tableborder=" 1" cellpadding=" 0" cellspacing=" 0" design=" borde...…


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MAP-K Potassiam Monoalkyl Phosphate CAS 39322-78-6

MAP-K, a colorless to yellow transparent liquid at room temperatures, has a 40% concentration.Solid content at 40 percent About MAPK Potassiam Monalkyl phosphate: MAPK Potassiam Monoalkyl Phosphate features rich and fine foam, low power of degrea...…


Magical Shape Memory Alloy-Nitinol

When it comes to shape memory alloy, many people have heard of its name. No matter how it deforms, after heating to a certain temperature, it can magically change back to its original shape. So far, there are dozens of types of shape memory…


In a new interview, Apple executives praised the iPhone 13's camera revolution

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