Ceramic industrial material TaSi2 Powder

How important is TaSi2 Powder? Tantalum silicate Has a low melting point, low resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, and high temperature oxidation resistance. It is also well-suited for use in combination with carbon, silicon, and other matrix substances. These materials have been used extensively as integrated circuit link lines, gate materials and antioxidant coatings, which are all part of high-temperature structures, electric heating components and electronic devices. This c


High Purity Tantalum Silicide TaSi2 Powder CAS 12039-79-1, 99%

is a reliable supplier for high purity Tantalum Silicide TaSi2 Powder CAS 12039-79-1, 99%.


What is Tantalum Silicide TaSi2 Powder?

Tantalum silicide TaSi2 powder is with uniform particle size, structural stability. Tantalum silicide has excellent properties such as high melting point, low resistivity, corrosion resistance, high-temperature oxidation resistance, and goo


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