Laser Inversion: Realize 3D Printing of Various Materials

Researchers have developed a new technology that promises to transform additive manufacturing, from printed circuit boards to electrical and mechanical components and possibly even robots.…


New sodium batteries: comparable to lithium-ion batteries

A sodium ion battery is a secondary battery that relies on sodium ions to move between the positive and negative electrodes.…


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Where to look for high-quality foaming agents?

Foaming agents are substances that make the target material pores. It can be divided into three categories: chemical foaming agents, physical foaming agents and surfactants. Chemical foaming agents are compounds that can release gases such a…


The new camera features of Sony Xperia Alpha

SONYs Xperia phones focus on mobile photography. If the new leaks are accurate, the company plans to introduce some interesting new features for the upcoming Xperia Alpha. SONYs next flagship phone is expected to be named Xperia Alpha or Xpe…


Frontrunner Vaccine Will Affact the Price of Tantalum Metal (Ta)-Powder - Market Trend

CEO of Pfizer partner BioNTech says coming winter will be hard but by April, 300 million immunization units should be ready, which will have an impact on the global pandemic.If coronavirus vaccination…

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