Will ARTIFICIAL intelligence Become the Standard in Restaurants of the Future

Artificial intelligence is a new technology science that studies and develops the theory, method, technology and application system for simulating, extending and extending human intelligence.…


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The structure of silica

Depending on the structure of silica, it can appear as a clear, odourless, crystalline or amorphous powder (sometimes called silica powder). As the USDA describes, amorphous silica has "highly unique physical and chemical properties and potential as ...…


Monobranch C8-10 Alcohol Sulphate, 37%

Monobranch Alcohol Sulphate (C8-10 Alcohol Sulphate) is an anionic sulfate ester salt. It is highly electrolyte stable, easily soluble, and compatible with hard water.Solid Content 37% Monobranch Alcohol Sulphate C8-10: Monobranch Alcohol Sulphat...…


What are the classifications of graphite and their applications?

Graphite industry has developed high-purity graphite, Isostatic graphite, expanded graphite, fluorinated graphite, colloidal graphite, graphene and other high-performance graphite products.…

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