UP's "way to make money" : platform subsidy is pocket money

The content of Xiaohong Book Club includes the information sharing of beauty makeup, personal care, sports, travel, home, hotel and restaurant, touching many aspects of consumption experience and lifestyle.…


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Why Airpods is the hottest products in Apple's ecosystem?

Airpods become the spotlight at the much-reported MacBook Apples fall product event on Monday, as the company updated its AirPods line for the first time in two years. The $179 AirPods 3 promises spatial audio, better sound quality, longer-l…


How is boron nitride used in cosmetics?

According to media reports on June 21, the robotic arm on the core module of the China Space Station is currently the most intelligent, difficult, and complex space intelligent manufacturing system in China, and it is the most authentic restoration o...…


The Applications of Titanium Boride

How do you define it? Titanium Boride ? Gray or gray-black titanium boride is powder with hexagonal crystal structures. It is very hard and has a melting point of 2980degC. Titanium dioxide has an air anti-oxidation temperature at 1000°C....…

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