The preparation method of the magical magnesium particles

Silver-white metal (hexagonal crystal system). The melting point is 648.5°C. The boiling point is 1107°C. The relative density is 1_74. It is soluble in mineral acids and ammonium salts, but insoluble in cold water, chromic anhydride and a


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Field Emission Effect of CuO

Field emission displays are now more dominant in the market than CRT displays because of their advanced properties, such as high brightness, good color rendition, short response time, and low power consumption. Among the various nanomaterials studied for field emission applications, 1D nanostructures of CuO emerged as excellent field emitters because of some advantages: common turn-on field, high current density, and low fabrication cost. Liu et al. Investigated the field emission properties of


Naphthalene Water Reducing Agent Plays an Important Role in Plasterboard Production

The water-reducing agent is an additive that can keep the working fluidity of gypsum slurry unchanged and significantly reduce the added amount. Adding water-reducing agents in the production of gypsum board, even in the case of a lower water-to-slurry ratio, can still improve the proper fluidity of gypsum slurry. Therefore, reducing the amount of process-forming water added. During gypsum board drying, the amount of evaporated water is correspondingly reduced, reducing the energy consumption of


High Purity Tungsten Silicide WSi2 Powder CAS 12039-88-2, 99%

Tungsten silicide (also known as tungsten diilicide) is an organic silicide. Tungsten Silicide is dark gray powder. Tungsten Silicide is used in the manufacture of anti-oxidation and resistance wire compressed. Purity: 99%Particle Size : 5-10um About Tungsten Silicide WSi2 Powder : Tungsten silicide (WSi2) A silicide is an inorganic compound made of tungsten. It is a ceramic conductive material. Tungsten silicide Fluorine, halogens, strong acids and oxidants all react violently. W

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