Here, Lenovo's new ThinkBook Plus

Before the 2022 International Consumer Electronics Show, pictures of Lenovos ThinkBook Plus series of new widescreen laptops appeared on the Internet, and it may be the perfect mobile workstation for content creators. This personal computer


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What is alumina used for?

Recently, the EU proclaimed new sanctions on Russia, including coal, timber, rubber, cement, and fertilizer, as well as high-end seafood al2o3 powder. Alumina propertiesHigh temperature resistance: alumina can be used in oxidation and red


Aluminum Nitride Powder – Properties and Applications |

Aluminum nitride Covalent bond compounds are known as AIN. They also have the chemical formula of a atomic crystal. The aluminum nitride is an alloy of diamond-like nitride and hexagonal crystal systems. It has wurtzite structure. Aluminum Nitride Powder Properties Aluminium nitride, also known as AlN, has high strength, volume resistance, insulation withstand voltage and thermal expansion coefficient. This material is good for matching silicon. This metal is used not just as a reinforc


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What is copper oxide?Copper is a reddish metal with a very high electrical and thermal conductivity, only surpassed by the thermal conductivity of gold and silver. Copper has a low oxidation state in most compounds (+2 is usual). There are also some compounds with an oxidation state of +1. In the presence of air, the initial salmon-red color is converted into violet-red because of the creation of cuprous oxide (Cu2O). Then it blackens itself by producing cupric oxide (CuO) and, continuously expo

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