TikTok becomes the most visited website on the Internet

According to a technology company, TikTok surpassed Facebook and Google for the first time as the most popular destination on the Internet. Cloudflare found in a network traffic analysis this year that TikTok is the most visited website and…


Byte cut meat can't live? TikTok will filed a federal lawsuit on Tuesday at the earliest

According to new reports, TikTok will file a federal lawsuit as early as Tuesday challenging President Trump's executive order to block the video-sharing service in the United States.…


TikTok's global development in the global Internet

An application that mainly publishes videos of dance routines and short comedies for teenagers seems to be an unusual subject of national security concern.…


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CAEO-15 Coconut amide ethoxylates CAS 61791-08-0

Coconut amide is a nonionic surfactant with excellent emulsification and cleaning properties. It also has antistatic, hard-water resistance, oil removal and degreasing properties. About Coconut amide ethoxylates: Coconut amide is a nonionic surfac...…


Production of Titanium Boride

What is Titanium Boride?Titanium Boride is a new ceramic material. And it has excellent physical and chemical performance. Such as high melting point (2980 centigrade), high hardness (34 GPa), and density is 4.52 g/cm3. It could stand wear and tear a...…


Application of silicon carbide nanomaterials

Silicon carbide is a nanomaterial that has many outstanding properties. These include high thermal conductivity; strong thermal stability; oxidation resistance and chemical corrosion resistance. It also has a small Dielectric constant, high electron ...…

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