Preparation, Structure And Properties Of Nano-Layered Ternary Compound Ti3AlC2

Preparation of nano-layered ternary compound Ti3AlC2, Structure and Properties


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What is Wear resistant alumina ceramic lining (Alumina Ceramic Lining)?The wear-resistant alumina lining is made from a corundum special ceramic, which is formed using Al2O3 (as the main raw material) and a rare metallic oxide as a solvent. This ceramic was then calcined in high temperatures of 1700°C.There are many different types of alumina tiles that can be used as wear-resistant ceramic linings. These include alumina sheets, high aluminum linings (also known as wear-resistant ceramics), alum


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What is Silicon powder?Silicon powder can be produced with a top cut for customers who only need to control the coarse particles. It can also be produced with a top and bottom cut for customers who need to control the amount of coarse and fine particles. The shape of the particles can also, to some extent, be altered by the technology used at the micronizing stage. Contamination-free micronizing is also possible for customers who cannot accept all contamination from the milling media. The optimu

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