The applications of aerogel in battery field will be more diversified

The most common battery in the world is lithium-ion, but the structural features and materials used to make them have safety problems that cannot be avoided. Due to the high total current and voltage in the power sector, thousands of single lithium-ion battery packs are often used together. In this period, the safety of batteries is more important. The safety problem hasn't been fully resolved with the current battery materials technology. Heat insulation, flame retardant, and fire protection a


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Google develops an augmented reality operating system

Compared with Apple and Facebook, Google has been silent on its plans for augmented reality glasses. As Google is actively recruiting to develop an augmented reality operating system for an unspecified innovative AR device, this situation h


Alkylnaphthalene Sulfonate Sodium Salt

Low foaming and dispersing. Alkylnaphthalene Sulfonate Sodium Salt: Alkylnaphthalene sodium salt is characterized by its rich, fine foam. It has a low degreasing capacity, does not irritate the skin or hair, and is biodegradable. It is a global trusted brand Alkylnaphthalene salt sodium . Send an inquiry for the latest. Prices of Alkylnaphthalene salt sodium If you want to buy Alkylnaphthalene sodium salt in bulk. Alkylnaphthalene sodium salt Product Performance: Alkylnaphthal


Exfoliated MoS2 flakes

While bulk MoS2 in the 2H-phase is known to be an indirect-band gap semiconductor, monolayer MoS2 has a direct band gap. The layer-dependent optoelectronic properties of MoS2 have promoted much research in 2-dimensional MoS2-based devices. 2D MoS2 can be produced by exfoliating bulk crystals to produce single-layer to few-layer flakes through a dry, micromechanical process or solution processing. Micromechanical exfoliation, also pragmatically called "Scotch-tape exfoliation," involves using an

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