Tropical cyclone "Herold" is about to log in, Australia's emergency shutdown of three major terminals, foam cement admixture transportation blocked

Short-term transportation disruptions are putting pressure on markets that are currently in short supply. Coupled with the impact of the recent epidemic, many epidemic prevention materials will also be blocked. This has resulted in a shortag…


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TR02 92whiteness 525 grade white cement

TR02 525 white cement is a green and environmentally friendly product with high strength and no radioactivity in the early stage. The product has high whiteness, high strength, low alkalinity, good stability, and bright and bright color.…


What is the silica dust rule

Employers will need to measure the amount of silica workers are exposed to if it is at an action level greater than 25 micrograms per cubic meter of air. Proper protective measures must be taken if silica exposures are above the P.E.L. of 50 microgra...…


High magnification photomicrographs of the MOS2 film

High-magnification photomicrographs of the M0S2 film wear track after one kilocycle sliding in dry argon. On the polished and sandblasted substrates, the MoS2 film was not continuous; however, on the sanded substrate, a more continuous film was produ...…

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