3D Printing Alloy Spherical Tungsten Carbide-Cobalt Cemented Alloy Powder

U.S. natural gas futures rose about 5 percent to a near nine-week high as global energy prices surged on concerns over a pricing plan for energy exports, keeping U.S. LNG export demand near record highs. U.S. natural gas prices have risen despite for…


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Advanced functional materials: Bio bionic interface design helps to sew, weave and wash fiber zinc battery and power fabric

The rapid development of flexible wearable devices promotes the development of high-performance high security flexible energy storage devices. Traditional electrochemical energy storage devices such as lithium-ion batteries use toxic harmful…


What are the advantages and applications of foaming agent clc blocks

Foamed concrete is also called foamed cement, lightweight concrete, etc. Foamed concrete is a concrete product formed by introducing air or nitrogen, carbon dioxide, oxygen and other gases into the concrete slurry with a large number of sma…


A Japanese toast company has made a tiny mobile phone designed for the human hand

The Balmuda Phoneis a unique, tiny Android Phone that comes completely out of the blue from a luxury Japanese toaster maker. More often than not, these random smartphone companies tell the same story, including calling a turnkey smartphone…

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