3D Printing Alloy Spherical Tungsten Nickel Iron Alloy Powder

The Spherical Tungsten Iron Alloy can be used for both industrial and commercial purposes in its powder and submicron form. Tungsten Nickel Nickel Iron Alloy powder: Tungsten iron alloy, also known as Tungsten-nickel, is an alloy that is based on t...…


Metal Alloy 17g/cm3 Tungsten Nickel Iron Bar Tungsten Alloy Bar

Tungsten alloy products have low thermal expansion and high density. They also absorb radiation and are high in thermal and electrical conductivity. About metal alloy 17g/cm3 Tungsten nickel iron bar Tungsten alloy bar: Tungsten is known for its hi...…


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The Seven Methods for Preparing Spherical Alumina

Spherical Alumina Spherical alumina is produced through high temperature melt injection. This produces a high rate of spherical growth, high alpha-phase aluminum oxide content and superior performance in rubber, plastic, and ceramic materials. Her...…


With the development of the times, the application of zinc nitride is also constantly improving

Zinc Nitride: Overview Zn3N2 gray crystal is the chemical formula for zinc nitride. It dissolves easily in hydrochloric Acid. The zinc nitride quickly becomes ammonia and zinc hydroxide in cold water. This is made by reacting zinc powder and ammonia...…


Titanium carbide and Titanium carbide ceramics

Review of titanium carbide Titanium carbide (chemical formula TiC), molecular weight: 59.89 Grey metal cubic lattice-solids with gray metal faces. Melting point 3140+ 90, boiling point 48220, relative density 4.93 A hardness greater than 9 Water is ...…

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