High Purity Tungsten Oxide WO3 powder CAS 1314-35-8, 99.9%

is a reliable supplier for high purity Tungsten Oxide WO3 CAS 1314-35-8,99.9% purity.…


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SiC mainly has functional ceramics, advanced refractories, abrasives and metallurgical raw materials four functional areas

What is silicon carbide? Is silicon carbide natural? It is a rare form of silicon carbide. Moistanite, a rare and valuable mineral, also has silicon carbide. The most commonly used and most economically viable non-oxide high tech refractory material...…


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Japan's world-leading technology industry

The recently years, the impression to Japan may be more biased towards beauty, cherry blossoms, Japanese dramas, animation, two-dimensional, otaku culture... But as a highly developed capitalist country, Japan has a developed cultural indust…

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