High Purity Tungsten Boride WB2 Powder CAS 12007-09-9, 99%

Tungsten boride is a black powder, its physical properties are as follows: molecular formula WB2, with metal conductivity, soluble in aqua regia. Purity>99% Particle size: 10-20um About Tungsten Boride WB2: Tungsten boride is a compound of tungsten and boron. Their most remarkable property is high hardness. The Vickers hardness of WB or tungsten diboride WB2 crystals is ~20 GPa and that of WB4 is ~30 GPa for loads exceeding 3N. Tungsten boride density is 10.77 and tungsten boride melti


Preparation method and application of tungsten diboride

Studies have confirmed that the performance of the new tungsten boride developed is superior to the hard tungsten carbide-cobalt composite materials and artificial diamond materials that are currently being widely used.


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High Purity Tantalum Nitride TaN Powder CAS 12033-62-4, 99%

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